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Skin Needling is also called Micro Needling, Nano Needling or Collagen Induction Therapy. It is a minimally invasive non-surgical and non ablative procedure for facial rejuvenation that involves a device or product to create a controlled skin injury.

Reduce imperfections, increase effectiveness of active ingredients, stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin through the treatment of skin needling. 

Skin Pen Precision Micro Needling

As the very first FDA-cleared microneedling device, SkinPen is trusted by leading dermatologists, aestheticians, and other skincare professionals. Three steps in as little as thirty minutes targets facial acne scars and neck wrinkles, for smoother, more radiant, younger-looking skin.

Includestake home skin care pack.

Suitable for: All Skin Types 
Cost: $319 Face & Neck
Downtime: None, redness following treatment.
Time: 60 minutes
How many: 4-6 treatments  depending on condition of skin
Maintenance: 3 monthly sessions

Pregnancy safe? - Yes

Micro Needling with Stem Cells & Growth Factors

AnteAGE® Stem Cell, Growth Factors & Cytokines (human)

Face & Neck $359 60 Mins

AnteAGE MD Brightening Solution w/Stem cells/GF & cytokines ( human)

Face & Neck $359 60 Mins

AnteAGE MDX Exosomes

(Human Umbilical & Bone marrow)

Face & Neck $599 60 Mins

Suitable for: All Skin Types 
Cost: From $359
Downtime: None/ possible light redness/erythema depending on condition being treated.
Time:60 minutes
How many: 2-4 treatments, every 2-4 weeks.
Maintenance: 3 monthly sessions

Pregnancy safe? - Yes

AnteAGE MD Growth Factor Solution contains pro-healing, anti-inflammatory growth factors and cytokines derived from laboratory culture of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells, the specialized cells that science has determined function as “command and control” of healing in all injured tissues. Synthesized human TGF-B3 is added to further reduce inflammation and promote less fibrotic, more fetal-like healing. Hyaluronic acid provides lubrication and is a powerful humectant that promotes rapid re-hydration and volume enhancement within the upper layers of the skin. AnteAGE MD products contain no cells or cell remnants. They are removed during ultrafiltration, the final step in the laboratory culture process.

AnteAGE MD® Brightening Solution contains the same powerful rejuvenating growth factors and cytokines as our classic Growth Factor Solution with an added boost of Tranexamic Acid and other actives. Our unique brightening treatment corrects uneven skin tone and encourages a naturally brighter complexion.Formulated to attack eight different pigmentation pathways, our AnteAGE MD® Brightening Solution is the only product on the market to effectively brighten and target discoloration at the cellular level without drying, irritation or inflammation.

are lipid nanoparticles that get secreted by cells. The cells in your body naturally create exosomes as a way to communicate with one another and to help regulate biological processes.

AnteAGE MDX Exosomes

In addition to the exosomes your body creates naturally, exosomes can also be applied topically in order to dramatically enhance the results of clinical anti-aging treatments. These topically applied exosomes communicate with the cells in your body by producing biosignals.

The biosignals the topical exosomes create instruct your cells to naturally:

  1. Increase Skin Firmness

  2. Reduce Redness

  3. Improve Skin Texture & Tone

  4. Decrease in general signs of aging


SQT Bio Needling

Acne $269

Pigmentation $299

Refining $329

Suitable for:  

Active acne & pimples​,Acne scarring, Refines overall texture & tone,Improves wrinkles/fine lines & open pores

Fades pigmentation & sunspots

Natural melanin inhibitor  

Reduce sebum production, congestion & blackheads

Exfoliates dead skin cells & provides nourishment,

Brightens dull appearance  

Stimulates collagen production

More effective product absorption (by 3,000%)

Cost: From $269
Downtime: 48 hours of mild redness and irritation as products is active
Time:45 minutes
How many:1-3 treatments, every 3 weeks.
Maintenance: 3 monthly sessions

Pregnancy safe? - Yes

Sponge spicules are a kind of siliceous bio microneedle that are extracted from the freshwater sponge which makes this product 100% natural, safe to use on all skin types and can be used on all areas of the body. Due to the Microscopic size of the bio-needles, the tip can penetrate the pores more effectively than any device on the market. Spicules help activate skin microcirculation, relieve clogged pores, accelerate skin metabolism and exfoliation of the aging stratum corneum, and shorten the skins renewal cycle from 28 days to 1 week.

No Anesthetic, no skin breakage, no bleeding.

Shortens the skin renewal cycle from 28 days to 7 days.

Achieves natural,safe and effective skin rejuvenation.

Flaking or peeling can be expected depending on the health of the patients skin and the estheticians level of penetration.

The Pink Treatment

Suitable for: All Skin Type’s

Cost: $349 Face & Neck

Time: 60 Mins
Downtime: None. the skin will be pink due to the natural inflammatory response. This subsides within 24 - 48 hours.
How many:3-6 depending on condition.
Maintenance –1 treatment every 3 months
Pregnancy safe? - Yes

The Pink Treatment is a Professional Skin Beauty Booster that promotes skin regeneration and overall skin health at a superficial depth. The Pink Solution, which contains 56 skinloving active ingredients, is stamped into the skin via 19 tiny needles. The Treatment is then followed by an ultra-soothing and calming mask, which infuses rich hydrating properties into the skin.

The Pink Treatment offers both short-term results that can last up to 2 weeks, and long-term skin revitalisation results with continuous treatments.

RESULTS AFTER 1 TREATMENT* - Instant improvement in skin radiance - Tone and texture improvement - Hydrates, plumps, and brightens RESULTS AFTER CONTINUOUS TREATMENTS* - Skin tightening - Dispersion of superficial pigmentation - Helps diminish acne scarring - Maintains skin youthfulness - Reduces appearance of pores

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